In today's digital era, Bitcoin is no longer something foreign to our ears. Yep, the popularity of Bitcoin right now is very high. many are getting interested in investing with Bitcoin. What exactly is Bitcoin? Bitcoin is a virtual currency that was developed in 2009 by Satoshi Nakamoto. Quite a lot of people think that Bitcoin is 11 12 like Forex. but that is not true, Bitcoin is different from forex.

Then now the question, is it good to invest with Bitcoin? This is actually quite a lot of debate, there are pros and cons about Bitcoin, some say it will benefit because the value is higher where you can sell bitcoin at any time and many also assume that one day a Bitcoin player will lose money because the value might be dropped.

But apart from that, there are 5 things you need to know about Bitcoin as a virtual currency, this might be information for those of you who are interested in Bitcoin.

1. Bitcoin Does Not Have Any Country

In Indonesia there is Rupiah, in Japan there is Yen and in Malaysia there is Ringgit. This is the difference between Bitcoin from currencies as above. Bitcoin is not owned by any country. this is also one of the factors why many people are interested in Bitcoin because this factor is clearly very beneficial because there are no countries that are responsible as the exchange rate is determined and also the government in power in managing currencies.
2. High Demand

The second bitcoin advantage or advantage is high demand. This is evident from 2011 to 2013 and currently the interest of the bitcoin community continues to increase and its value is also the same.

If in the past the selling value of 1 Bitcoin or BTC was only around 13 USD, now the price of 1 Bitcoin is hundreds of millions. If you have known and invested in Bitcoin from years ago, maybe now you have become a Millioner.

3. Bitcoin is Developed with Idealism
In addition to the two things above, another advantage of Bitcoin is the development with Idealism. In a sense, the government does not interfere with Bitcoin trading. With this, it's clear that you yourself must analyze the currency of Bitcoin. So you who have Bitcoin can develop it yourself in the market.
4. Bitcoin is Safer than Physical Form Currencies

Actually in terms of security, Bitcoin is not only superior, but also has its own weaknesses. Bitcoin has more value in terms of security because of its virtual form where there will be no such thing as counterfeiting because it has no form, unlike currency in physical form which is certainly quite a lot that might be fake.

But bitoin also has a weakness in security, you know, Bitcoin can be lost because bitcoin is a virtual currency that is stored in digital files which of course could be aoabula electronic devices where the wallet is damaged or exposed to a virus, of course Bitcoin stored in the wallet can alone is very risky lost.

5. Bitcoin is a Global Currency

If you are an Indonesian, of course the money you have is Rupiah and if you want to use it in another country, you must first exchange it for transaction needs. this does not happen to Bitcoin which is a global currency in which almost all countries have it so that it can be easier to use it for transactions.

That's some information about the fact of the advantages of bitcoin as a virtual currency. For those of you who intend to buy Bitcoin as a form of investment in the future, of course you have to really understand everything about Bitcoin, because in addition to having advantages, Bitcoin also has several weaknesses that could harm you someday.